Publication Ethics


  1. Kairoer Germanistische Studien (KGS), published by the Department of German, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, is an annually published peer-reviewed academic journal. KGS has an Advisory Board of specialised scholars in German Studies.
  2. Papers and studies submitted to the journal are accepted based on their academic originality in German language, literature, linguistics and translation studies. KGS also published summaries of theses and book reviews in the areas of language and literature.
  3. The submitted papers are reviewed through a double-blind process that involves at least two reviewers for each submission.
  4. Submissions have to be original work of research that has not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.The author is asked to sign a declaration that the paper will not be submitted elsewhere once accepted for publication.
  5. The opinions expressed in the journal strictly represent their authors’ points of view.