Peer Review Process

  1. The Editorial Board, composed of all professors in the Department of German Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, and specialized German professors, looks into all the submitted papers, and sends them to reviewers, based on their academic specialization. In addition to its Editorial Board and professors of German Studies in Egyptian universities, the KGS list of reviewers includes international scholars from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, France and the USA in various areas of specialization.
  2. Each paper is sent to two reviewers together with the journal’s Reviewer Report. Each paper is assigned two reviewers: an international reviewer and an Egyptian one affiliated to a Department of German Studies in an Egyptian university, based on his/her area of specialization. Egyptian reviewers are selected so as not to belong to the same Faculty of the submission’s author to ensure objectivity in the reviewing process. The reviewing process follows a double-blind system based on the anonymity of both authors and the reviewer.
  3. In the case of discrepancy between the two Reviewer Reports, the paper is sent to a third reviewer.
  4. The author is required to carry out all the necessary amendments specified by the reviewers, then resubmit the revised paper. The Editorial Board checks that the amendments have been made before sending it the paper to the next publication stage.